A Host of Easy Ways to Give your Kitchen a Fresh, Summer Feel

A Host of Easy Ways to Give your Kitchen a Fresh, Summer Feel

Here are some simple, snappy ideas to start you off getting your kitchen ready for summer. Why? Because you may well have given other parts of house a spring clean, so why neglect your kitchen. Summer is likely to mean cooking light lunches, some preparation for barbecues, and some crunchy salads. Also with friends and family coming round, they may stray into your kitchen, so you want it looking your best don’t you? In no particular order here are some tips and wrinkles for you and your kitchen

 Do you have paper and cookery books in your kitchen? Books and magazine recipes don’t live well in kitchens. They can get wet, greasy, and torn. It may look trendy to have cookery and recipe books in the kitchen, but they won’t last long.

 De-clutter the white appliance fronts. While stuck on drawings from your kids and grandkids may present you with a reminder of them, and while fridge magnets may present a mini history of your travels, the bottom line is that it ruins the lines of your kitchen, and your concentration as a cook. Don’t throw them away, but don’t mess your kitchen up with them.

 Check all your cupboards. Check for chipped and cracked crockery and throw them out. That ancient tea set… will you ever really use it? No? Then it’s off to the charity shop! Take out all the contents of your cupboards and clean the cupboard themselves inside and out.

 Check out the latest bleaches, kitchen cleaners and assorted cloths. There are some really strong specialist and effective cleaners on the market today that will get rid of those stains on the hob, cupboard doors and work surfaces. You want your kitchen to be sparkling bright don’t you? Also try different types of window cleaners and cloths for window cleaning. Some are better and quicker than others!

 Sort out your food cupboards or pantry and throw away anything out of date. Check the spice rack- this will often contain spices that are past their “best by” dates. Defrost the freezer and throw away frozen items over three months old. Clean out the fridge. That wrapped up old cheese at the back is likely to cause you some serious upset if you eat it now!

 Look at the ceiling and walls. They will probably need de-greasing. But once that is done, consider re-painting. Use a bright long-lasting paint that has a sheen to allow easy wipe-clean. If you have a skirting board, consider painting it in a contrasting colour to the walls and floor tiles.

 Do you really need your work surface brimming with mug-trees, knife racks, and the zillion small electrical appliances that seem necessary to have these days? Put them away, and just get them all out when you need to cook.

 Replace any plastic kitchen bowls or draining racks. They get grotty quickly and continued washing them will make their colours fade.

 Replace the kitchen blind; it is likely to be dirty and stained. Get yourself a nice bright

 Change the lighting to LEDs, they are cheaper in the long run because they last a lot longer!

 Finally a new top-of-the-range bin will complete that refurbished look and last you for ages.

 Don’t delay- do it today!